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1 On One Espresso glows with warmth among the concrete jungle of Barton’s office precinct. The space oozes with the aroma of its baked goodies, coffee beans, and bustling kitchen, while our fit-out is a home interior fanatic’s dream, boasting a design that looks like it’s been torn straight out of a stylish magazine.

There are intimate spaces to lounge and unwind with friends as the hours go by, but also areas filled with natural light perfect for those quick corporate meetings

“We have on-the-go treats, foods and snacks in the cabinet with one side dedicated to more healthy options – healthy but still exciting,”

The name of the venue is a nod to its prime real estate positioned at 1 Canberra Avenue, but it also pays homage to its staff whose service is friendly, casual, conversational, personable, and well, ‘one-on-one’.

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